Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Navidad, Navidad, Es Felicidad...

Navidad, Navidad, Es Felicidad...
I think that that is the only Christmas related song that exists here in the DR. I really don’t feel like I am in the Christmas season at all. Sometimes I think that we (in the US), are the only ones that know how to celebrate! :) I hope that you are all in the Christmas spirit and are as happy as I am for the 25th! I get to call home! I can’t wait! It is what is keeping me going. The meaning of Christmas here is to go to your town in the country with your family, or to be drunk all the time! It’s pretty crazy, but somehow we are still working and finding people. We are getting all of our contacts done and still having a lot of lessons. God is watching us....from a distance. Haha anyways! Yesterday we passed by all of our investigators houses to bring them to church but no one answered their doors, it was sad, so we ended up going alone, but we received huge blessings. We had more than 7 in church, because our new members invited their friends and neighbors. Including a family! I was so excited! So now we have some new people to teach and we are happy. This week we also have some fun events coming up! We have a big activity with all the missionaries tomorrow, I am excited and Hermana Antivilo (my old comp) is going to be there, she called me last night and I was so happy. We also are doing a lot of fun service projects! I can’t wait! I love and miss you all and wish you the best this holiday season!
Hermana Reay

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