Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hello hello....
How is everyone? Things are going well here... It’s been a great week. The language is starting to click, its so weird, things that I learned a few weeks ago are now just making sense, but its great! Most of it I have to owe to my lovely companion, Hermana Vasquez... We have been through a lot together. It’s hard being the only girls in the midst of all these children! ;) Well I will tell you about the highlight of my week. Tuesday (one of the elders got a package with really good cookies and he shared them..yummm..but that’s not it!) we went to the university again, it was awesome! We were talking to this girl and she was so sweet because she was so patient with my horrible Spanish, and we gave her a pamphlet about the Restoration, and she promised to read it...Well we walked away and were talking to another girl, but I kept looking back and thinking of this first girl, I just had a really strong feeling that we should go back and talk to her more and give her a Book of Mormon. So I finally conveyed that message to my companion (with a lot of hand motions!) and we went back, and I spit it out that I had a really strong feeling that I needed to give her a Book of Mormon and tell her about it. She was like Why? I told her I didn't know but that it was really important that she at least read the introduction and know that all of the things in my life that bring me happiness are because I am a member of this church, and I wanted her to know for herself! haha, she was so sweet and said she had just barely started there and didn't know anyone. She asked us how often we go there, and we told her every Tuesday. So next week we are going to meet her at the same time in the same spot! I really hope that she reads the pamphlet and some of the Book of Mormon! I know she could be comforted because of it!
Well that was my favorite thing...mostly the rest of my time is still consisting of studying, reading, listening, sitting, eating, headaches, and sleeping of course! But it’s a good life here at the CCM, the temple is right outside my window and there is good company everywhere you go! Our teachers have been teaching us a lot this week! Mostly about how to be the best missionary and to follow all the rules! So I am going to strive to do as they say, I know that is the only way that I can reach my full potential and do what the Lord wants me to do!
Another thing I read about this week were the wise words of Lehi! He really loved his sons so much even though they had murderous hearts. It got me to thinking about how awesome parents are and how much they love and support their children through everything no matter what! I have this story that I found about mothers. It tells about how this little girl prayed to know if the church was true and she asked God to send her an Angel to tell her. Well she lay in her bed and waited. She fell asleep, but then woke up because her mom was in her room, praying on the side of her bed, crying and thanking God for sending her daughter to her family and asking him to bless her and help her to know the truth and live a good life so they could all be together again after this life. Well after the mom left, the little girl felt God tell her "I sent you your angel!" I love you mom, and dad! You guys are the Angels in my life! Because of the way you raised me, I am here! I love learning and growing and you were the ones who planted my seed, now I'll go plant more in the DR!
Love you all! Good luck getting ready Wes! I love you, you'll love it!
Hermana Reay
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