Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hello all!
Greeting from the CCM in Santo Domingo! I love it here! It is so nice, and I love the weather. I don't know if I will in August, but right now its so refreshing! This place is starting to grow on me, I like the Elders and guess what? The Lord sent me a blessing...Hermana Vasquez! She came 2 days ago. She lives here in Santo Domingo and was coming in 2 weeks with the group of Latino's. Well they called her up and she said that she would come early so I could have a companion, she dropped everything and came that very same day! I almost cried when I found out! I switched rooms and she was there that afternoon! It was awesome! It makes me love the people here so much more; they are just amazing and willing to help out with anything. Her dad isn't a member and her mom is inactive, she's only been a member for 2 years in March. So she's amazing, her parents aren't supporting her, so we went shopping to get her some clothes and things, it was fun! I didn't realize how fast the Spanish is here until I got out into the store! I couldn't understand anyone! It will come though. Now my comp only speaks Spanish and my teachers only speak Spanish so it will probably be sooner than later! We got the go to the University on Tuesday; it’s really close to here, so we just walked. Our teacher gave each of us a Book Of Mormon, and about 10 pamphlets. We had to try to talk to everyone and pass them all out! It was insane, and I LOVED it! We met a bible basher....I didn't really know what he was saying though?!? It was crazy how much love I felt for him as I was listening to him, I just wanted him to know the real truth...oh well, we also met this man that wants to talk to us next week when we go again, and a girl that we gave a Book Of Mormon to, was crying when we were talking to her. Its such a neat experience to be here and doing the Lords work, I am so excited to meet the Dominican people that will be placed in my path! I love you all!
And Aubrey I am SOOOO happy for you! I expect a full report and some pictures soon! ;)
Te amo,
Hermana Reay

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