Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tomorrow I will have been here 3 weeks! Its crazy how time flies! How is everyone? Well all is well here at the MTC, I leave in 2 days!!! It is sooo bittersweet because I really LOVE my district! They are the best, they all bring so much to our class. I have learned so much from them! And I'm really gonna miss my teachers! I have no idea what to expect from the CCM in the DR. I know that everything is in the same building and they only have one floor...and there are 50 missionaries tops! So it should be a good experience!
The spanish is starting to come, I understand pretty much everything, but its just harder to form your own sentences. Plus its great being in this fast track program, we know more than most missionaries that have been here 5 or 6 weeks! :) Super Bien! haha Its fun, but i just need to practice, practice, practice! Plus our teachers are really helping us to learn by the spirit, so we are really getting blessed!
Funny story...so the other day we were coming out of the Cafeteria building and this companionship was walking out of the girls restroom, well one of them was SO happy, and she was holding a paper toilet seat cover... ??????? I know right, weird! So I was like why do you have that? and she said she gets one everytime she goes in the bathroom because its the only bathroom in the MTC that has them. (so i figured she was like a germophobe and is going somewhere foreign or something) So then I asked her where she was going, and she said "Mesa, Arizona" hahaha why in the world is she collecting paper toilet seat covers? Who knows? Some people here are very interesting, but maybe she'll touch someone's life because of her interesting collection....
One of the Elders in my district (I know I'm not supposed to have favorites, but he's mine...oops!) his name is Elder James (or Santiago because that's James in Spanish! hehe) and he's from Salem, anyway he is so great! He plays the Piano soooo good! He can read music, but not extremely well, he just mostly hears something and can play it, but in his own rendition! Its amazing! He plays the piano for all of us all the time, and he just sits there are makes up songs! For real, I don't know how he does it! But we'll just bring our study materials with us into the Piano rooms and he'll play! Its really fun!
We had a really good devotional on Sunday night! A Brother Heaton, spoke and we learned all about Losing ourselves and really putting ALL our focus into our investigators! Everything that we do should be focused on them...It was really good, and he is like a big wig in the mission department of the church. He goes to a new mission every other week just to see how they are doing! It was good! I'm excited to see who will come tonight! I hope it's a General Authority, that would be a good going away present right? :)
Well I'm really gonna miss it here...I love my companions and my district and being able to see the mountains every day. Its even kinda nice knowing that my family is only 15 minutes away! I miss you all so much... Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder... :) But I'm off to smaller and hotter places! A place where I wont understand a word probably, but I have faith that it will come! I love the spirit that is always here with me, its a constant companion! I love this gospel sooo much, I'm realizing more and more how many great scriptures I have been missing out on! I love the bible! (I said it mom!...) There are some great verses in there that just make you want to scream it from the roof tops! I know that this is where I'm supposed to be and that if I ever get discouraged or sad, there are 2,000+ people around me that would be willing to help out in a heartbeat! The MTC is a wonderful place! You're gonna love it Wes! I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior and all of you! Thanks for the prayers, love, and support that you show me! Don't forget about me because I'm still gonna need it for the next little while! Till next time...adios!
Hermana Reay

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