Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How in the world are you? And everyone else?
I am sooooooooo good! I love the MTC and everything about it! Sorry that it took me so long to send you a letter, I seriously didn't have the time, when they say lights out at 10:30, they mean it. It is pitch dark and you cant do anything! The first day was crazy! We had something going on every minute and I seriously barely had time to put my pajamas on before the lights were out! My companions are so sweet! We have a lot of fun together, one is from Louisianan and the other is from Georgia! hehe They are both going to Sin City (Las Vegas) Spanish speaking! As far as I know, I am the only sister in the whole Provo MTC that is going to the Dominican Republic.... So I am sorta nervous to go the the CCM (MTC) there because I will probably have a Native companion (if any) there, and let me tell you, it is soooo hard to speak spanish! But I am sure that the Lord will help me and I will be able to do it faster than I can even imagine! SO wes, be glad that you are going English speaking because this is sooooo overwhelming! PS there is an elder in my district from Texas and I think of you every time he talks :) haha you better come home with an accent! I love it! So we have been going going going non stop since Wednesday, it honestly feels like a month has already passed! And I leave in 2 weeks! CRAZY! So we wake up early in the morning for a 6am exercise class, its really fun and gets you going for the day, today we had Yoga. :) Surprisingly, waking up for me hasn't been hard at all... I'm always ready to get up when 5:45 rolls around! My companions on the other hand... Well we have 3 AMAZING teachers! The more and more they teach us the happier I am that I decided to serve a mission, I know that it is going to change my life in almost every respect and I am gonna be SO happy! They are awesome, they have so much spirit! I wanna cry whenever they are talking about their missions, I hope that I can be like them! I already told you, but let me just say again... President Uchdorf welcomed us to the MTC!!!! It was soooo awesome! Every time another missionary or teacher hears about it they're like, "that never happens" "are you serious" "I'm soooo jealous" So yeah, we are the coolest! :) We have had a lot of really good talks given to us and a really good fireside on Sunday that was all about feeling the spirit through Music. I loved it! Missionaries would line up at the microphone and tell their favorite Hymn and why, and then we would sing one verse of it! There were some really good stories and the Elders have so much power when they sing! They seriously leave their "I'm too cool" attitudes at home and they give their mission their all! And I love that! This one guy was singing so loud and strong, he was opening his mouth HUGE I seriously thought that it was going to rip open at the ends! WOW! But the power from singing really is soooo strong! My whole district decided that we would be in the Choir together! So we will be singing on Tuesday (I mean today), dont know who's coming but I'm really excited and when you are in the Choir you are guaranteed good seats! So that is muy bien! I don't really know what else to tell you about! Except you ALL I mean ALL should definitely write me through because then I don't have to waste my 30 minutes on the computer to read your emails and I can write you more, and I get it the day you write it and its free, how great is that? The first one I got was from My Dear dear Aubrey! (Whitaker :) ) gotta love that girl! It really makes a missionary's day when they get a letter or a package (hint hint- ps mom I you should buy one of those tin pans and cook brownies and then send them over here so I can share with my district! that would be SUPER nice of you :) hehe) Well How is everyone? Sean is home? And everyone existing? hehe I will try to write you letters today as well! Although sorry to say but I'm not going to tell you exactly what my schedule is, I had a feeling I would be this way, but now that I am here, I really want to follow the rules the best that I can, so...that being said, 18 months isn't very long and we will see each other before we know it! I am so happy to finally have a P day! (you think it would be like a relaxing fun day, but actually no, there is SO much that needs to be done and you still have to study and stuff) I needed to do Landry and I get to write you! I am going to write Thank you cards finally and all that fun stuff, plus catch up in my journal! There is barely time to write its ridiculous! Well I love Utah and I know that I am going to miss it! Every day we walk out of our building and the beautiful mountains are there with the snow on them and I just love it here! I think that I'm going to miss the cold, weird eh? But I am SO excited to be going to serve on my Island Paradise! It is going to be beautiful! And the one thing that they stress the most now in the MTC is learning to love the people that you will serve and meet their needs by teaching what they need to know through the spirit! I LOVE it, and I really already love the Dominican people, I know that they need me and I need them! I already believed the church IS true before I came to the MTC, but my faith and testimony grows by the minute! Everything just makes sense to me, and I learning a language in one week (more than I ever learned in 2 years of Spanish class) can only happen if the Lord has a hand in it! And my feelings and the overwhelming power of the spirit is ALWAYS SIEMPRE present! I love the feeling and I love you! I love this gospel and I am so happy that I live in this dispensation and can be part of this great work!
Hasta Luego!
Dios ama a Usted!

Hermana Reay
p.s. I can only write immediate family! But I love you friends!

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