Sunday, February 21, 2010

This is the 1st letter I received from our little hermana in the DR,

They are giving us 10 minutes to write and tell you that we are here and we made it safely! This place is BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't believe how great it is...I definitely found my new favorite Temple as well! It’s crazy because there are 13 other missionaries ALL ELDERS! I am the only girl here learning Spanish! Yesterday 11 Haitians came, 3 of them are girls, so they are my roommates, but they all speak this is definitely going to be interesting! I think I'm excited???!!!??? We are on the same grounds as the temple and we can see the beach from here, there are Palm trees everywhere and boginvillas (sp?) It is really pretty! I'm excited to make this my new home! I miss my district in the MTC; I hope I will grow to love my new district family as well as my old district! This is going to be an adventure! I love you all, keep the letters coming because I think I'll need the comfort when I have NO ONE to talk to besides 19 year old boys! :) Love you!
Hermana Reay

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  1. Ah! Oh goodness, I am just so excited for her and very glad she made it over safely! So I had a question about using the dearelder website; hopefully you can answer it! Would I send it (using dearelder) to the Dominican Republic MTC? I wrote a letter to that today, so hopefully that means it will get to her. I wasn't sure because on the blog you said to have them go to the DR, Santo Domingo East, but wouldn't that get to the mission where she isn't there yet? Anyhoodle, if you could clear this up, I would be very thankful! Love you Reay family!