Monday, April 12, 2010

Can anyone say humidity?
I CAN!!!
It is so hot here, and it has been raining, which brings on more humidity, but it does hide the sun so it hasn’t been too bad! How is everyone? I hope well! We are just working away here in Gascue...and I love it! We don’t really have time for ourselves at all, but I think that that’s the way it is supposed to be! Yesterday we had church and it was normal....(because of conference...) and it was fast Sunday! I bore my testimony and I felt so lame because I don’t know if it even really made sense, but I think that it was fine because the spirit was guiding me! But everyone here speaks so fast; I didn’t understand any of theirs! But it will come; I talk more and more every day! One of our investigators, Juan Pablo, is getting baptized on Saturday and I am sooo happy for him! He is great! The other investigator Magdalena isn’t though :( her husband said that he would leave her if she joined the church, she wants to anyway because she said that she doesn’t care, but we don’t want her to make the step yet if they really aren’t ready! So please keep her in your prayers! Her family is my favorite! Her son is having a really hard time progressing though because he doesn’t believe the Jesus is the Christ...well if you cant believe that, then really nothing else works, so we have been doing serious studies and focusing a lot on him to try and help him! He is one of the smartest people I have met; he just wants logic and wont go with answers from the spirit! So pray for him too! Our other investigators! Amelia’s family! They are wonderful, I really feel like they are going to get baptized, they will always be special for me because we found them together my first day!
Dad oh my gosh, I got your dearelder the other day about the killing of our little mouse friend! HAHAHA I have never laughed so hard! We were on our way back from a Zone conference in a Gwa Gwa (van/bus thing....CRAZY!) and I was reading it and it was hilarious! You need to like write a book or something! I didn’t know you had such a way with words! I felt like I was there! haha thanks for that! I’m glad you finally got him! And send me pictures of the basement I would love to see it!!! Ok one more know my Russian ring? I always wore it on my thumb because at home I wore another ring on my middle finger and it was too big for all of my other fingers...anyway, I just got used to having it on my thumb, so I kept it there and I have a tan line from it and everything....well we were talking to this lady the other day, and she was giving US a big lesson about the importance of a man being with a woman! We were just like ok....then the next day we taught this other guy and he kept looking at us funny, and then he finally asked me about my thumb ring, I took it off and started explaining about it and where I got it and stuff, and then he was just like, why is it there? And apparently if you wear a ring there it means you are a lesbian (sorry if I am offending anyone!) so apparently people have been thinking that about my companion and I this week! I immediately took it off and have it on my middle finger, but I feel bad, I hope no one thinks that about missionary companionships! ooops! haha
Oh jk one more story! The other day we met with Wendy...she has been an investigator for a while and she is kinda flaky but she loves institute and comes to church. Well this was the first time that I had met her...I wasn’t really talking much, but I just got this really strong impression in my mind and it was the baptismal commitment sentence over and over and so finally I just stopped them in the middle of their conversation and said "sorry I don’t really know you and you don’t know me but the spirit is just telling me that I need to ask you to be baptized..." and I explained that my heart was pounding and I just couldn’t deny it, and I knew that she knew this was the next step that she needed to take! Awkward! She just stared at me for a minute and then said that she felt the same pounding in her heart! AHHHHHHHH so she is having a baptismal interview this week! We don’t have a date set yet, but we will! The mission is soooo amazing! I love it here! Things have been hard, the living conditions and the Spanish, but I think that that just all takes some getting used to and when you remember your real purpose, those things don’t matter. And if it is really hard, take it to God and He will always help you to become stronger! That is something that I love about Him! I love this work, I am so thankful for all the things that I have because of my membership in this church! I love you all so much!
Hermana Reay

Ether 12:27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble: and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.

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