Monday, April 26, 2010

Hola all!
How are you? So I don’t know what I really have to say about this week besides it BUGGED! Literally though.... Almost everything that happened there were bugs involved! So I have been eaten alive by mosquitoes, by companion said she thinks that I have about 40 bites, mostly on my legs, but surprisingly a lot on my hands too...It happens at night because we don’t have fans to keep them away, because our electricity plugs still don’t work, But I think that’s just how it is here, people just get around to fixing things if they want to or have the time, they just live with it. Its been hard for me to try and be patient with that, I always want to be so organized and fix things, and they just say "Dominicans don’t do things that way, so you just need to get used to it” So I’m trying. Can I just tell you that I am so grateful that we don’t have cockroaches in Utah! I LOVE UTAH! So the other day I was going to put my running shoes on and my poncho was on top of them, lifted it up and 2 cockroaches come running at me! Yeah I screamed and ran out onto the porch! They were living in my shoes!!! I never want to wear them, in fact I haven’t since! It is so gross they were HUGE!! Everyone just started making fun of me, and I’m sure it was funny for them, and it is now, but in the moment I was sooooo upset because there were just bugs everywhere and my whole body was itching from the mosquitoes...So I was angry and I was like whatever I am just gonna go pack my stuff and go home! (Jokingly to my companion) yeah well don’t worry that wont happen because I opened up my luggage, oh and guess what is living in there??? Cockroaches! Am I going to survive here? I just want to cry! I don’t think I can get used to them! Whatever, I got over that, life went on, until this morning.... we were cleaning and I was taking my sheets off my bed, and I flipped off the corner of the fitted sheet and a HUGE cockroach flies out and lands in my hand! I think I’ve had it! (I really am not coming home.... :) promise!) I have really bad luck with bugs I guess! Whatever!
Anyways, I promise I’m not really that depressed; I just REALLY dislike bugs (funny story real quick this morning after my bug incident my companion and I had our study and we practiced teaching the plan of salvation, she tied loving all of God’s creatures, including cockroaches, into every principle...haha its was pretty funny!)
So besides having my mind preoccupied with my new neice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week, we had some good experiences! We decided to put our all into working with the members, It has worked out really well, we taught 3 times as many lessons with a member present than without, and here in the city that is really hard because everyone works! We were proud of ourselves. But the Lord really blessed us because they are trusting us more and we are receiving really good references! Its great! The people here are so strong, when they are active members; the church is their whole life! I think most of them work for the church and they have activities almost every night! I love it! Oh and remember Jose and Mercedes? Well they came to church and everything but don’t want us to teach them anymore, but one of the greatest things happened, we were walking and Jose stopped us when we passed and he told us that even though he is not going to continue investigating the church, that we changed his life for the better, and that he learned some things that he knows are right and he is going to live his life in a better way, and he said we are such good examples to him, and he loves how our church is so centered on families. He also asked us if we could get him a hymnbook because he LOVES the words. We aren’t able to do anything much for him now, but we planted a seed, and if it sprouts one day, it will make some sweet fruit!
One funny story really quick, just to let you in a little bit on how the people are we went to a new members house and her daughter was talking to us, she kept staring at me, and then finally she looks and me and says "me gusta el color de su pelo, pero que fea la corta." (I like your hair color but the cut is really ugly) haha it was up in a ponytail of course and she like touches it and asked me where I got it done! hahaha she was so serious and so I just had to be like, uhhh thanks??? haha but you just have to love the people, they tell you how it is!
Well I have to go, but I love you all so much!
Hermana Reay
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