Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello hello!
OH MY GOODNESS!!! Tomorrow I am going to have a niece! Guaranteed she will be the cutest one in the world! I wish that I could be there! (I keep telling myself that she really isn’t coming until next week, because I know I will just be thinking about it all day tomorrow!) So this week was a little bit weird! We got really down and depressed because our baptisms fell through and none of our appointments were working out. We would call and no answer... we would stop by...and they were busy or they wouldn’t be there, it gets really discouraging. And it made our attitude not the greatest... So one day we got home a little early because we were just so depressed. That night in my prayers, I just decided to exercise some faith...I prayed really specifically and asked God for things that I knew would happen, specific types of investigators that we would find and things like that! The next morning, I found out that Hermana White had done the exact same! So we both were in a good mood and just knew that the day would be great! We headed out to knock on doors, FOR MY FIRST TIME! And Hermana White says she hasn’t done that for 3 transfers or more because we are always so busy here. Well we found a lot of really good contacts! And we received some miracles for sure! We set up about 5 appointments with contacts. And our one appointment that we had, members agreed to come with us, which is always amazing! So while we were waiting for the members, it starts pouring rain.... we had to find shelter right? So we go to this corner store that was a little ways away, and in walks Winston. He is a member, but hasn’t been to church for about 30 years, and we have been tying to get a hold of him all week! We would call; we knocked on all the doors around where we thought his house was, and nothing. No one knew who he was! Well we found him! We had the number wrong and the apartment number wrong! But he is going to be such an asset! I am sure you will be hearing about him. He is a friend with a lot of other investigators and the reason none of them want to join is because of the succor games they play on Sundays! So we are thinking of starting up some kind of succor game at the church, I’ll let you know how it goes! I’m excited! Well anyway, then on our way home, we found our golden investigators that we both prayed for!!!! A husband and wife, Jose and Mercedes! They are the cutest, and they came to church! God answered all of our prayers and I know that just from the 3 miracles that we received in one day that many other things will come of them! I can’t wait!
On another quick note, we went to the salon last week! And we are going again right after this! It is like 2 dollars and they wash your hair and do it for you! I LOVE IT!! I think that I am going to go every week! Because did I tell you? I have to wash my hair in the Kitchen sink...its pretty horrible, but oh well! haha also I swept up 2 cockroaches this week! YAY such an accomplishment for me! I usually don’t get anywhere near them, and everyone makes fun of me because I always scream! I don’t think that I will ever get used to them! (We might move apartments soon though, hopefully the new one will have less!!! oh thanks mom for the bag clips, now I wont have bugs in my food, because we have serious ant problems too!) Oh also I attempted to make cookies this week! So I was so excited, I got all the ingredients, bought a cookie sheet, and got home and made the dough (which was so weird, the climate really makes a difference!) And put them on the sheet, well guess what, it was too small for the oven!! haha this place, gotta love it! so we ended up making pie cookies, in a pie tin! haha they were still good though, now the Dominican hermanas think that I’m like a chef or something! haha I love it here, I love the miracles of faith, I love having the spirit with me always, and having such great support back home!
Love you all!
Hermana Reay

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