Monday, June 14, 2010

Purple Stuff?

How is everything going? All is well here in the DR!! It is incredibly hot, but what's new? Anyway....this week was really great! We had a baptism! Karina was finally baptized and she has been an investigator for almost 1 year! She is so cute, and I know that she will be an amazing member (when I first came here, I thought she was a member)
Well really quick I have to tell you about our family home evening that we had last week with Jean Claude, and the other Haitians...It was really great and a we had it at a family in the wards home. At the end we provided the game, and I dont even know how to explain it but Jean Claude was laughing so hard that he fell backwards and his chair toppled over, he whacked his head on the wall but he didn´t even care because he was laughing so hard! haha I think that it was a success!
Also I think that I met one of the people that I was meant to come here for! We just connected right from the start! Her name is Susan and I just absolutely love her! We spent a lot of time with her yesterday, laughing and crying and talking about the plan of salvation. Her mom has been a member for 10 years, but she has never been interested! Then she met us three weeks ago and her and I just clicked! And she has come to church the last two weeks, and she hasn´t been for like 7 years! And she told me that now she is looking forward to going and she is planning her future and she finds herself planning it around the church! She is amazing and I know that she will soon be baptized, she just needs her for sure answer! I just absolutely love sharing with her, and I feel like we´ve known each other for years!
Well the biggest adventure of the week was pretty grand! Friday Hermana Antivilo made an appointment for me to go to the Hospital because I have, well had, this weird bump on my finger...and it was turning purple and whatnot. super gross. So we went and the doctor was just squeezing it and mumbling and then she was just like "well lets cut it off" and I wasnt really having that because I didnt even understand what she was thinking, so she had us leave, but then come back in. She takes me to this exam table and says she just wants to take a she starts squeezing and picking at it with a needle and man did it hurt. She was starting to get so curious because the purple thing, whatever it is, wouldn't move. She she then deadened my finger and picks at it even harder with her needle! So then her needle bent, and wouldn´t work anymore, so she got this little spoon thing and starts spooning out my bump! but the purple thing still wouldn´t move, she said it was like hooked on something. ??? She kept mumbling too, "maybe its a virus....did you touch any plants....maybe she worked with metal" I have no idea but I was starting to feel it again, uh it hurt! So she finally got a little piece of the purple stuff off and it is to be tested now! So we will see what I have embedded in my finger??? Please pray for me that I dont have to have it amputated! Haha I love and miss you all!
I know that this work is the greatest work and I am so happy to be a part of it and growing and learning by the minute! I know that for the rest of my life, I will use the things that I am learning here, and love the people that I am meeting!
Hermana Reay

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