Monday, February 21, 2011

A very Special Week!!

Hello all!
Another P day here in the DR. And it really was a wonderful one; we did so many fun things! First I just wanted to tell you all about something really special that happened, well a few things! First of all we had the Conference with Elder Nelson, it was so special. He shook all of our hands, and he called me by name. "Good Morning, Sister Reay" It was awesome. The talks were so good. It was so different from the normal meetings that we have because usually we just hear about obedience, obedience and more obedience. But they talked about how amazing we are and how they can just feel the spirit being in the room with us, it was awesome. It was definitely a really spiritual meeting and he left us all with a blessing and told us that he could feel that a lot of us are worried about our families at home and that we needn’t be worried because they will be fine and that we are receiving a lot of blessings. Ahhh, soo many more things, but not enough time to share them all.
The next thing that happened, was Sunday morning the President called me and told me that the Coleman´s (from the 70) would be speaking in our Sacrament meeting that day and that Sister Coleman had called him and wanted me to be her translator. AHHHH can you believe it? I was sooooo nervous all during church. But it was such a great experience, and things went fine. I think that they all understood. And the members all said the nicest things to me afterwards. The Coleman´s are wonderful. Definitely called of God. Well we had a really special experience.
Caterin and Luis finally got married. Yayyyyy!!! There was a little trouble with their papers but everything is fine now, and they are so happy and married! We were so happy, I know that God had his hand in it all because it gave us time to teach Luis and now he is ready for baptism as well. They will both be baptized Thursday the 24th at 7:00pm. Yesterday, Luis had to work after church, and when we passed by he told us that it is the last Sunday that he will be working, he said that he doesn’t want to break the commandments more. They really are so special. Sister Coleman talked about Luis yesterday in her talk and I know that it really made him feel special, and Elder Coleman left the stand right after the meeting and gave Luis a big hug. It was so funny too because Caterin just blurted right out and asked him if he could baptize them! Haha he had the funniest face of regret and told her sorry but he wouldn’t be able to! It’s wonderful to see the changes and the happiness that these people have in their lives with the Gospel. Caterin shared her testimony with us after the wedding and it really was amazing. She will be a strong member. They have a new goal: the Temple in one year! I am so happy for them. This is such a great way to end the transfer because I really thought that it wasn’t going to happen, because with papers you never know.
Well today we went to the Faro de Colon, which is where supposedly the body of Christopher Columbus is. It was really cool and the museum was great. We had a really good tour guide, and we went to another Park that was really cool too! I will try to send some pictures! I love you all so much, the gospel is true and it really is the one thing that can change lives for the better and bring happiness to the lives of anyone!
Con Amor,
Hermana Reay

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