Monday, April 18, 2011

This week is Holy week!! Enjoy?

Hello to all who read my blog,
This week is Holy week, or Semana Santa, here in the DR. Although we were talking to a member yesterday, and he was telling us that the people here just use it as vacation time. They really don’t do anything that applies the Savior more in their lives because they either put out their swimming pools in the street, sleep, go to the beach, or DRINK! Yeah it’s kinda interesting. But maybe with our special message we can help some of that to change. I am so grateful that I have had commandments in my life that keep me grounded and that I know that this is a time of year to think of Jesus Christ. Really the sacrifice that he made for us, we can’t even understand. I know that He has an infinite Love, and that everything that He did in the last week of His life is so significant, and teaches us things that we need to apply in our lives today. I have such a testimony of Him and know that if we always put Him first in our lives, and follow in His path we will always have happiness, peace, and joy.
We are teaching a boy named Jeeter, he is really great. He is 11 years old, his sister and his grandpa are members. Well he goes to church every week and we thought that he was a member, but he isn’t. He loves primary and he has so many friends at church. We have shared with him at his house just a couple times now, but last Sunday he came up to us with his "Faith in God" booklet, and told us that he wanted to invite us over for a Family Home Evening so that he could pass a few things off in his booklet to finish it before he turns 12. He is adorable, so we went over there, and he taught the whole lesson, and he really has such a strong testimony. I know that he will be a great member, and definitely a future missionary. I gave him a sticker that says "future missionary" and he put it in his Book of Mormon, (which he is already reading like crazy) and he was so excited. His sister lives with his grandpa in a different ward, but he comes every week on his bike by himself. I wish that everyone could exercise the faith and show the dedication that Jeeter shows, and he is only 11.
I am so grateful for all of the examples that I have in the people here that I am meeting. I know that if they continue to be great examples for those around them, they can help in the growing of the Church here in the Dominican Republic.
I am still freaking out a little bit, that I only have one more transfer after this, but we are living it up every minute! I love you all so much and hope that you are happy! Oh and happy birthday to Lois Lee this week! 1 years old, and I haven’t known one minute of it! But I´ll be there soon!
Con Amor,
Hermana Reay

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