Monday, April 4, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN!!! Love you so much!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN!!! Love you so much!
Today for your birthday we went to the 3 ojos as a Zone. They are caves that are in the ground that are really cool. We totally felt like we were in Harry Potter! Ha ha. We had a really good time, and it was fun because I think that we were able to grow closer as a Zone as well. We really have great Zone Leaders, and our District Leader is great as well. The bus also let us out on the side of the ocean today so we snapped a few pics and were able to smell the salt in the breeze!
Well I loved conference. We were running around for a lot of it trying to get it in French for some of our investigators, and then when we sat down to watch it in English it didn't work either, but in the end we got it all figured out and we were able to watch the afternoon sessions for both days. I am excited to get the Liahona to read the talks over again. I felt that I was really able to apply a lot of their teachings in my own life, and to apply them to our investigators. I was glad that they talked a lot about marriage and the importance of it, because a lot of our investigators need to get married. I hope that they were thinking of those things as well, and that the talks will help them to accept the Gospel in their lives. I especially liked when Elder Holland said, "For all of you who are members, and all of you who will be..." Because if they were listening with open hearts, There is no way that they didnt feel the spirit.
I also wanted to tell you about a cool experience that we had. Last week we taught Evelyn. She is a reference from a member, and when we first met her, she wasn't really receptive, but now she is amazing, and a lot of it has to do with when we taught her the Plan of Salvation. This lesson was definitely guided by the spirit because in the beginning, I asked her one simple question about a picture frame that I saw on the wall, and then she started into the story of her family. Her mother and Father were killed in a car accident when she was 21 and she is the oldest in the family with 5 kids, and she is the only girl. Her youngest brother was 9. She had a really hard time, and within that first year, 4 other people from her family passed away. She got really emotional, and we could tell that she is still struggling with this. so we taught her the Plan of Salvation and she just ate it right up. She loved it and she was asking all the perfect questions, and she told us that she knew right then that this has to be true. She is great. She accepted a date to be baptized and she came to church and she is just happy, her life is changing a lot, and I know that she will be a wonderful sister in the church. She is going to invite all of her family as well to listen to us, and I know that it will be the start of something wonderful.
I love being able to teach all of the gospel doctrines and principles to the people who really need them and that have a hard life without them. I am just so grateful to my family and for the knowledge of the gospel that I have always had because I couldnt imagine living all this time like she has without knowing of the possiblity of being able to see her family again. Time seems to be flying and I can't believe that this transfer will end next week, this exact day in 2 transfers I will see my family. It blows my mind. But I do want you all to know I love my mission. I love the missionary things that I get to do. I love teaching the people and I love being able to talk of Christ, and invite others to come unto Him. I love that I am learning so much, not only about the Gospel but about myself as well. I know that I will forever be grateful that I served a mission. Love you all!
Con Amor,
Hermana Reay

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