Monday, March 28, 2011


Hello all!
Well I just finished writing a whole email to you all and it got erased, so sorry that this one might be a little bit shorter. I hope that this email finds you all happy! Well we still live in our house without water but we are hoping to move this week. But now we are just used to it. Ha ha it’s like we are out in the campo or something. Well it rained once last week and with it came the humidity. It feels like July again! But hey I am sweating up a storm and loving the mission. We are teaching some wonderful people. I love being in this area too because there are a lot of Haitians and they are just so humble and wonderful. We teach an English class every Saturday as well and that’s fun. So there are a lot of things going on. The ward here is a little more difficult though. They aren’t as into the work or into any activities for that matter so we are trying to help the bishop to change a few things.
On a different note, I AM SOOOOO EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE I CAN’T EVEN EXPRESS MYSELF. I hope that it will always be this way! Ha ha next conference I want to go! It is going to be a blast and I just know that we are going to hear a lot about the conditions of the world and maybe something about preparing ourselves a lot. I am excited to know what the Lord has to tell us about all of these crisis’s that are happening.
Well today was special because we went to Gazcue and all of the Hermana´s (except 2) from our mission got together and we made 2 big cards for the Whitaker’s .(they work in the mission home.) We all wanted to say our goodbyes because they are leaving soon. They are going home the 7th of April. We are all going to miss them sooo much, the mission won’t be the same. I am including a picture. I miss you all and I am sorry that I can’t write more. Next week I will definitely be better.
Hermana Reay

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