Monday, March 14, 2011

I always love reading Ether 12:27.

Dear Friends and Family,
This week was a lot better than last week. We still haven’t resolved the problem in the house with the water and all. But we are going to see what we can do this week. Elder Marte (the elder in the office) is really helping us out. It is really uncomfortable to live without water, but we are managing. We still have to go take buckets of water and get them filled out of the ground. It’s super weird. (and it always have bugs and floaties in it). But that is the mission.
We had a Conference this last week and it was really great. I always get a boost from conferences. We learned a lot about using the spirit in all of our lessons because really the Holy Ghost is the teacher and not us. We also learned about how we need to focus more of the people and think about their feelings. If they feel comfortable with us and if they feel loved, that their Heavenly Father loves them even more. It was funny because this is something that is really hard for some of the Elders. They can’t open up with the people, it’s just a get in and get out lesson. As opposed to the sisters, just becoming everyone’s best friend. Haha.
Things are great with Hermana Bradley, sometimes I think that we have too much fun together. It’s nice to have someone to relate to, that is from the same country and understands why the trials aren’t easy to deal with. We had an activity with the Whitakers, where we make the sea shell frames and it was great. The people absolutely love doing those frames, and I know that the Whitakers really are going to be missed when they leave. They leave on April 7th and I think that the mission might fall apart for that month while we wait for their replacements. What are we going to do without them.?
I don’t really have much else to say other than this mission is really, really hard. Right now I can’t believe at all that it is the best two years (or 18 months) but I know that after I get home, I will always look back with a smile and a lot of love for the DR. I know that I will be grateful for the hard things that I had to go through and the hard people that I had to deal with. They are all shaping me into the person I am and will be. But I know that there are blessings when we endure and when we put all of our trust in the Lord. I always love reading Ether 12:27. He will make our weaknesses our strengths, if we have faith and humble ourselves before Him. He really understands all that we are going through and he understands all of our pains, and sufferings, and trials. I really know that He is always with me and than I can turn to Him at any time- I know that this message is one of the most important and that is why it’s so important to be steadfast and endure and share it with all the people you meet, so they can have the opportunity to enjoy the blessings that come from the atonement of Christ. I really am grateful to be a missionary and to be here in the DR. I am also really grateful that I have people like you rooting for me back home and that I have a lot of open arms to come home to. Thanks for your love and your prayers, they are very much needed. I love you all.
Con Amor,
Hermana Reay

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