Monday, May 2, 2011

It's May!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PORTER! I can’t believe my favorite nephew in the world is turning 4! Wow! How time flies! Well today has already been such a wonderful day! We came to Gazcue so we could go to the mission office for some things that we need. And I was able to see a lot of people from the ward. They were having an activity at the church! I got to see the Bishop! He was an amazing Bishop, and....JUAN PABLO!!! It seriously made my day. (I´ll send a pic) He was soooo happy, and it just really helped me to remember that I have made such wonderful friends here on the mission that have changed their lives around so much for the Savior. Juan Pablo was there early because he had an interview with the stake president, because they just called him to be the President of the Single Adults in the stake! Can you believe it? I love to here when the people I taught and saw baptized are still strong and happy. Also I was able to talk to Caterin and Luis last night. Hermana Garcia called me to tell me that they are doing so great. That Luis is still changing and that you can see it in his face. He is participating a lot in the classes at church and he paid his tithing’s and fast offerings and he is just awesome. And Brian, he blessed the sacrament yesterday! I love that they are all still progressing. I really do love this work.
This last week was a little hard, but we made it through. And we really did receive a lot of blessings. In church we had 5 new investigators that had never been before. We have decided to clean our investigator pool again, because the people just aren’t showing us their desires to change. But we have already found 12 new investigators so we will keep working with them and keep finding new people. We taught the mom of a member, and she pretty much just yelled at us the whole time, and she said that we weren’t aloud to say anything about the Book of Mormom because she isn’t having that in her house. But then she would ask us questions, and I know that she was feeling the spirit and knew that it was starting to make sense to her, so then she would freak out and tell us that we could only talk about the Bible. It was interesting, and I was just grateful that she´s not my mom! I hope that one day she will understand and gain a testimony because her daughter is the best!
I have been reading in my Journal from the beginning of my mission and it really has been helping me because in the beginning I was sooo excited to be a missionary and everything was so spiritual to me, and I don’t know if it’s that now I am just more used to everything, but I have felt that I am not as excited. So it has really helped me to change my perspective to how I was in the beginning. We are FINALLY going to move this week, which has us really excited. I am telling the truth this time for reals! We even have the keys to the new house. We just have to wait for them to connect the lights. I am so happy that they finally got Bin Laden I think that a lot of people will be able to sleep better at night. I just have to say that I am SOOOOOOOOO excited to talk to my family this week! It is going to be the best! Oh and Dave is coming home so soon! Ahhh! Give him a big hug for me! Love you all. I hope that all is well on your end. Thanks for everything.
Con amor,
Hermana Reay

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