Monday, June 6, 2011

one month from today!

I cant believe that in one month from today I will step off of an airplane and breath in fresh mountain air in UTAH!!! yay!!
Well it has been a good week. We have worked really hard and gotten REALLY wet! But it's ok because everyone keeps telling us that as many times as we wet our plaques the more handsome our husbands will be! We had a surprise visit with some Jehovas Witnesses that just want to contend with us, we had a inactive family come to church on Sunday, and we also had a baptism.
Oliver was baptized and he was so excited about it. We passed by his house earlier in the day and he was sad, we asked him why and he told us it was because he wanted to be baptized already and that it was way to long for him to have to wait. When we finally got to the church there was no electricity,so we couldnt fill the font because the water couldn't be pumped into it. So it was an ordeal and we almost had to changed the baptism to the next weekent. But after a lot of trials the baptism went through. He even shared his testimony and it was great. God knew that one of His children was going to enter into His fold and so He made it happen. We also recieved a reference yesterday of a man that wants to be baptized so we made the date with him first thing and we are now just going to prepare him and teach him.
There are so many blessings that we are receiving. I bore my testimony yesterday in my last fast and testimony meeting in this ward and it was so weird. I got really sad because I can't believe that this is all coming to a close. But all things have their ending and I am just going to make the best of the time that I have.
I think that I have the worst luck with houses as well,because the rain is now leaking through the ceiling and everywhere, in my new appartment, so I am wet when I wake up and it isn't a dream, but hey what can you do? They dont really make the best houses here, it's really kinda funny!
I love you all and cant wait to see you soon. Keep the faith!
Con amor,
Hermana Reay

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