Monday, May 24, 2010

Santo Domingo is HOT!!

Hello All!
Santo Domingo is HOT!! And it is getting hotter! I didn’t know that my body could produce so much sweat, it’s disgusting! But they say you adapt to it???? We’ll have to see! I don’t have much time this week, but I want to tell you 3 highlights! companion killed a cockroach that was living in my shoe, and I hid in the corner while she did it, then I thought to myself ¨wow you need to grow up and get used to this place¨ so I told her that the next time we saw a cockroach I had to kill it and she couldn’t help me! So we come back for lunch to the apartment and guess what? There were 2 HUGE ones blocking the way into the kitchen and she looked at them and said, I’m not helping you¨ ahhhhhhhh but guess what? I killed them both! I took the broom and just wacked the floor until they were both dead! One of them was in pieces because I hit it too much! haha but I did it! And now I can do it for myself!
The second thing...I got to see my uncle Doug!!! I got permission from the President and he took my companion and I out to Lunch! We went to this really nice restaurant right on the beach and had Mofongo, which is a Dominican Dish, and actually REALLY good. Its like plantains mashed with a bunch of stuff in it, but anyway its really good, it was so good to see him and talk about things back home, apparently spring doesn’t want to come this year, and who knows about summer! But don’t worry; I am enjoying both for you all here!
The last thing is that we started teaching Isabel. She is totally ready to be baptized and has been taught a lot of lessons before us, but guess who she is a reference from? Yeah Elder Bednar!!! When he was here she cooked for him and a lot of big wigs in the church so she met them all. She learned about the church inside out and has such a strong testimony; she just needs to get married so we are waiting on that! It is really fun to see when people find the truth and they change their lives for the better!
I love this gospel and am so grateful that I can share it with the people here in SPANISH! I love you all!
Hermana Reay

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