Monday, May 31, 2010

Remnants of a Package


First of all I just have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! You are way old now! haha jk I hope that my mom receives a lot of calls now and salutations since I told you all! (June 1st is the day...) Well yesterday was mother’s day here, wouldn't it have been cool if we got to call home for both? I thought so, but the Pres. didn't....oh well. Well of course I was thinking of my mom, she is just amazing right? Well also we have this investigator right now and her name is Miguelina. She is probably about 65 and she is the sweetest thing! She has a baptismal date. We set it with her and she stopped smoking! Well we went over there on Saturday and I wanted to cry because she was so stressed and upset. All of her kids live with her and they are going nowhere in life. Her one daughter, Grace, is so addicted to drugs, so her kids have problems and she just leaves them all the time for Miguelina to take care of. Well Grace's little boy, who is 2, was really sick and had a fever and everything. Grace left Friday morning, and didn’t come back until Saturday afternoon, and Miguelina then told her that he was sick so she hurried and left again! Miguelina was at the point of tears and she just told us she couldn't wait until church the next day because she could leave the house and not have to deal with anyone and she could be alone! She also said that Mothers Day is her least favorite day of the year because her kids always try to treat her nice just because of the day, and they don’t show her love or respect any other day. She thinks that she is a horrible mother because all of her kids but one is bad... (Her words...) It was so depressing! I just wanted to go buy her chocolates and flowers and tell her how wonderful she is. Well she was late to Church because Grace didn't get home until the morning and she was probably on something. But I just wanted to say that I am so grateful that I didn't grow up in a home or and environment like that! Poor Miguelina and poor grandchildren, at least THEY have her.. I don’t know where they would be if she didn't take care of them.. I'm glad I had standards and the church in my life when I was growing up. Really, what a blessing! I also have to share a story with you...So remember Hermana Vasquez? Well she was my kinda comp in the CCM here, and we got really close. Well I had this really strong feeling to send her a package with some things that I knew would be really special to her, things that we had talked about that were some of her dreams. None of this would have been possible without my mom; she sent me the things from the US. Well a couple Downeast shirts because they don’t have anything good here, and her dream is to see the Christus in Salt Lake, well I couldn’t help with that much, but mom sent me a mini statue. So I sent her this package with a few other things. And It was a long time ago that I sent it..I was starting to get nervous because she emails me every week but she never got it? Well last week she didn't email, and I didn’t know why, but today I got an email from her that said she's was sorry she didn't email but she has been having the hardest time of her life. One of her brothers died (he lived in Florida and she didn't know him that well.. but still) and she just wanted to go home and she cant focus and she cant pay attention to anything, she is taking it really hard. Well randomly on Sunday during church someone brings my package to her... and she said that it was exactly what she needed at that time. The Christus statue reminded her of all the things Christ did for us, and that he knows our pains and he can take them away and he is always there welcoming us into His arms! I know that I had that inspiration to send her those things because God knew that she would need that reminder at this time in her life! I know that she didn't receive it for so long because it wasn’t time yet! I am so thankful for her and love her so much! I love this gospel and the Love that Christ has for all of us, we are never left alone!
Love you All!
Hermana Reay
ps we moved this last week, it was a hassle and my companion was robbed so her scriptures are gone! Its been terrible, but guess what!? NO COCKROACHES!!! And the new house is right in front of the church! It is wonderful!

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