Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well first of all I just want to say that I hope Weston had an amazing birthday, We had to run into the store on Saturday to get something for my companion that she really needed, and I saw this awesome tie just sitting where it shouldn´t be, and I just had to get it for him, now i just have to figure out how to send it! Well this week has definitely been a week full of interesting, great events. Julien and Victor were confirmed on Sunday and we had FIFTEEN investigators at church! Yeah my mouth dropped! It is amazing how much work we have to do here and now I am doing it with my new greenie! She is absolutely adorable and we get along so well! We have so many connections and we are just always talking about life stories!! I just love her, and know that we are going to do a lot here, its a tad bit hard because I am teaching a lot by myself, but, Hermana Haggard shares her testimony or a scripture or something. She is just so cute! The Lord really is blessing me, especially with the gift of tongues and understanding! I don't know how I have been doing it, but we get by on my little bit that I know, and the people still feel the spirit and know that these things are true! I just love the gospel and being able to teach it here, I really know that I am so blessed to be in a place where the people are so ready to just love you and the gospel! Definitely a white field here in the Dominican Republic!
As for some of the crazy things that happened this week, the stores around our house that bring us the water, yeah they ALL ran out! So we didn´t have water for a bit and were sooooo thirsty, but when they got it back we totally stocked up. Then the next day, we didn´t have water in the house! I felt so gross, we all did, because we couldn´t shower. Then the next day was Saturday when we have planning, and we stay in the house all morning, and the power was out, AND we didn´t have water! So we couldn´t shower to cool off, and we didn´t have fans, we were all literally sitting in our sweat and it was just so disgusting! We got back that night though and the water was back on, and guess how we knew? Oh yeah, there was a flood in the apartment because one of the faucets had been left on! AHHHHHH so we spent a good 45 minutes cleaning that up, and by the time we finished the water was off again! Yeah we totally had to go to church smelly, and unshowered! I am afraid that the ward is going to shun us! Oh well, but my poor companion, its her first week! But we have water now, all is fine!
Today we went to a missionary activity, and there were so many people there! I got SOOOOO sunburned! but it was really fun because we just got to chat with a bunch of missionaries and I talked with my favorite companion from the CCM, Elder Winter! It was great! It was a good little change! (although I think I will always miss my days in the Presidents house, being spoiled!) Oh well I LOVE it here, I love my comp and I love our investigators! We are off to FHE! I cant wait, we are going to get a whole family baptized, at least 5 people! YAY!!! Love you all, thanks for your love and prayers!
Hermana Reay

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