Monday, August 30, 2010

A visit from Hurricane Earl.

Hello all!
So today we heard that in 48 hours we will be receiving a visit from Hurricane Earl. I am excited! Is that weird? Kinda...but oh well. The wind has already started picking up, I might need to go buy some spandex because my skirt keeps blowing up, and that is soooo missionary inappropriate. Well I can’t believe this week it is going to be September, I have already completed 7 months, and time is just flying! Next week we are going to the Temple, and I couldn’t be more excited! (But that also means that I will be writing you all on Wednesday!) Afterward, our district might be going to the Botanical Gardens, which are in the West Mission, and I hear that they are amazing! Today I felt like a tourist because we walked around the Colonial Zone and looked at the sights that the tourists are here to see, w e took pictures by the oldest Cathedral in the America's and saw Columbus' house. It was fun! I love all of the Hermana's that I am living with!
Well Hermana Haggard and I had a really interesting week. A lot of the appointments fell through, but we still tried to work our hardest. One day, Juan Pablo came out with us and some creepy things happened, but the Lord was with us and I know that the spirit was guiding us. We contacted this guy named Munchy about 3 weeks ago, he was really nice and he was with his sister. So we tried to get in contact with him to visit him and teach him but it never worked out. So when we were with Juan Pablo we figured that it would be a good time to go there because then it wouldn’t just be us and Munchy. So we called him and surprisingly he was home and we were able to go over. We got to his house and he greeted us in his super nice way and then Juan Pablo walks in and he sorta tenses up... and Juan Pablo was acting strange too, but I didn’t really think anything of it. So we taught the Restoration, and half way through one of his friends, Elaine came over; she was great, way more into it than Munchy and asking us questions. Juan Pablo shared his testimony (which almost made me cry, he is so amazing) and we got Elaine’s info and left. Nothing happened that night, except for the reference that we gave to our district leader because turns out Elaine lives in their area. But the next night we taught with Justo, Juan Pablo's grandpa, and he told us after the appointment that we went to that he really needed to talk to us. We went back to his house and he told us that we were never to go back to Munchy's house. Apparently the reason why they both tensed up is because they knew each other, so Juan Pablo knows Munchy's story... Apparently a few months back, Munchy stole some money from big wigs and now they are looking for him to kill him. He has already moved 3 times to hide from them. We were so scared when he was telling us. But we promised that we would never go back. We were so bummed. Then we were sorta on edge the rest of that night. We got home and called the district leader that night, we told him what had happened, and we said we at least hope that Elaine is good. Well guess what he told us? Elaine is getting baptized! The Lord really does work in mysterious ways to guide His lost sheep back to His fold. I know that we weren’t ever able to meet with Munchy before Juan Pablo could go with us, so we could learn that we shouldn’t be at his house, and that that specific night Elaine could be there! I love it!
We are also still teaching the large family and they will be baptized either this Sunday or the next! We are so excited for them! I miss and love you all, thanks for you love and support and prayers, especially while I was sick, I really felt it!
Hermana Reay

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