Monday, January 17, 2011

¡Buenas Dias todos ustedes!

¡Buenas Dias todos ustedes!
How are you? I hope that all is well, it has been a really interesting week. My best friend in the mission had to go home because she was so sick she couldn't even sleep. Hermana Haggard :( I now have no American friends in the mission, so I am ONLY speaking Spanish ALL THE TIME!!! ahhhh but it is so good for me. We had interviews with the I President on Saturday and my interview even was in Spanish the whole time. But I am happy. I am going to be staying in the same area with Hermana Garcia for another transfer! I reallly am happy because we get along really well, and when something is good, why not enjoy it!? We have the whole area of Mendoza, so there are some new streets and new places we can go to work. We are planning on working really,really hard, because with all the holidays, it was hard to teach and have investigators progressing. Because Hermana Haggard left, there was an extra Hermana, and the Pres put her with us. She left today to go home because she finished her mission. Wow it was a LONG 3 days. at the end of the mission the missionaries are just dead and they are done working. I made a goal that I am going to work until the last minute and enjoy it all, because this is the only time that I have to do the work of the Lord full time. We also had a special conference yesterday. It's was for the Caribbean only. Elder Uchtdorf spoke and Elder Oaks, and Sister Thompson. It was really good. The people here really needed to hear it. They talked a lot about how in the Gospel we have a culture, it's very different from all other cultures and especially the culture here. And that they need to learn how to live only the culture of the gospel and not both. It was good. I always love hearing from the Apostles. I love you all so much and you are in my prayers!
Hermana Reay

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