Monday, January 31, 2011

They are getting married!

I wanted to tell you about our day in church yesterday. We ended up having 13 investigators! (And it’s funny because this week in district meeting the zone leader asked us what is our secret of always having so many in church, and the number grew even more! But really it’s the members!) It was a miracle and I was so happy! More and more people just kept coming. Including new people that we have never met. We have a lot of appointments with them. It was wonderful!
The plans for the wedding of Caterin are coming right along, she is so happy, and we started to teach her fiancé this week, and he is really interested. I am not sure that they will get baptized together, but I know that somewhere in the near future he will be baptized as well. Caterin´s goal is temple marriage; she keeps saying that in a year from March they will be planning their real wedding! It really is special to be a part of this all. We have seen such a change in them, and they are completely happy, they picked out rings today! We also got a few things to help her make a few invitations; they are going to be so cute! Its fun to be able to help her plan her small wedding, especially when I can’t help with the weddings back home! Our ward is going to help us out a lot, including they are going to buy a legit wedding cake, and decorate the church to have a small reception with just family and the leaders in the church.
We couldn’t be happier with this great area, we know that they really love the people here, and that the ward is always willing to help out! This past week I completed a year in the mission, can you believe it? It was a good day, a lot of the members somehow they all congratulated me, and my comp made me a sign! She is so cute, I love her more and more each day! We also had the wonderful opportunity to MOVE AGAIN!!! Because the are went from 4 hermana´s to us 2. We moved into the other house. I have only had 2 areas my whole mission and this is my 5th house! It is crazy; I think that I am done moving. But we had a lot of help and we got it done really fast! Well I can’t believe that February is here, only 5 more months and I will see all of your beautiful faces! Love you all!
Hermana Reay

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